Social Media Marketing Fundamentals for small business owners in Windsor, Ontario

Social Media marketing in Windsor, Ontario

Social media marketing fundamentals for small business owners in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario

The aim of this blog post is to explain the fundamentals of social media marketing in six easy steps to small business owners in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario.

Step 1: Identify Your Social Media Audience

Talk to existing customers, create customer personas, and anonymously talk to your competition to gain insight. Online platforms such as Google and Facebook etc. incorporate analytics’ that will identify your audiences’ engagement, age, location and interests.

Step 2: Select the right social media platform

Establish your business on the social media platforms where your customers hangout. If your customers are on Instagram instead of Facebook then Instagram is where your business needs to focus and establish an online presence.

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Step 3: Timed, Social Media objectives

Key performance Indicators KPI’s such as page views, likes, followers and shares, need to be time based and goal orientated in order to meet predefined marketing objectives.  Monitor and review content and campaigns daily or weekly to insure optimal performance.


Step 4: Social Media platform characteristics

All social media platforms contain unique audiences and characteristics. It is important to treat each platform on its on merits for example; Twitter is ideal for engaging customers in real time (instantly) while Facebook users are normally less time sensitive.

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Step 5: Social Media brand value

All content published by your business should be inline with your brand values and beneficial to customers. Consistent messaging is important for building customer trust and engaging visitors interested in your products or services.

Step 6: Be Social

Social media enables you to directly engage with customers so only post relevant content that appeals to them. Promptly respond to all customers and thank them for following, commenting or liking your business page.  It is important to maintain and update all social media accounts. Because neglected pages can make your business look lazy and unprofessional to visitors.


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Summary of Social Media Marketing Fundamentals for small business owners in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario

Social Media is a low cost opportunity to engage and attract new and existing customers to your business. Implementing the six steps above will help establish your business on key social media platforms. However for optimal results we recommend setting up a content strategy and social media, marketing plan that aligns with your overall marketing objectives. For more information why not talk to us today»