Small business website basics for companies in Windsor, Ontario

Small Business Website Basics

‘Small Business Website Basics’ is for business owners interested in understanding the basic elements incorporated into a company website including:

Domain name registration
Website Hosting
Website content
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The article also has tips to help readers avoid some of the pitfalls involved in undertaking a small business website.

Domain Name Registration

The domain name, also called the website’s (url), is the online address of a website (for example: Selecting the correct small business domain name is important because it directly affects a website’s page ranking on search engines Google and Bing. With a little online research you can quickly identify if your chosen domain name is available or not.

It is important that all domain names registered on your behalf ultimately belong to you – no matter who registers the domain name, whether that be a web designer or an online website builder such as Wix or Squarespace. It is essential to keep ownership of your website’s domain name because it is the online address of your small business.

TIP: When you finally select a domain name we recommend buying it immediately to avoid disappointment. The more times a domain name gets searched within a short time period, the greater the possibility that it will be bought by an automated program in the hope of selling it to you at an increased price.

Website Hosting

Small business websites are hosted on a server (computer) belonging to a host provider such as Cirrushosting or Siteground etc. Hosting is basically a server connected to the Internet. The server contains all website content such as CSS, HTML, code, text and images. The hosted content is connected to the website address ( making the website visible to customers online.

Website hosting also includes email services for storing, sending and receiving emails. Website hosting can be tailored to meet specific small business requirements. For example, if a small business suddenly decides to sell products through their existing website. Then the website’s hosting would require additional features such as a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate to improve website security.

TIP: Self-hosted websites let you add thousands of free applications (apps) and transfer your website to a different host provider. However, GoDaddy and Weebly do not offer the same level of control or functionality.

Small Business Website Basics in Windsor, Ontario

Website Content

Website content including text, images, video, graphics, layout and design all contribute to the success of a website. The company website is an online window into every business. Consumers will judge the copy, graphics and design of every company website as a reflection of company standards and values. Furthermore, the user must always come first regarding all website content and accessibility.

TIP: Even the best website content is pointless if the website is not responsive and optimized for smartphone users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a search marketing process that optimizes all company web pages, images and video etc. for search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO is fundamental to every website’s page ranking and makes it easy for people to find even the smallest businesses online. For more details click here»

TIP: Every small business should set up a Google Business page. The service is free and one of the best SEO tools available.»

We hope this article helped you to better understand the fundamentals of a small business website. Andy, our experienced web designer,  works directly with small business owners to design and develop a website that adds value to every business.

We include domain name registration, website hosting, website content (artwork) and SEO with all new small business websites undertaken. Contact us now and arrange a free, no obligation website consultation.