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Small business, website update for Windsor International Writers

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Windsor International Writers, Website Update by Line Media

The Windsor International Writers (WIW) website update involved a complete redesign of the website, it’s content, layout and primary navigation (buttons). One of our primary goals was to make the website more intuitive and user friendly.  The new website design makes it faster and easier for website visitors to find the information and/or products that they want.

The slider on the home page incorporates three clickable slides designed to inform visitors about the key services available from Windsor International Writers.  The three buttons below the slider offer alternative clickable options to help visitors quickly reach their target goal from the home page on all digital devices.

The website is responsive and optimized for cell phones, tablets and laptop computers, delivering a consistent user experience throughout all platforms. The artwork was custom created for use on the website and the visual style changes for each product. For example, illustration and playful child-like fonts were selected for the kids’ summer camps. Our approach was to select the images, fonts and branding most appropriate for each product or service offered by Windsor International Writers.

The updated website also incorporates advanced registration form functionality. This functionality ensures that all attendees complete any required registration forms online. In fact, customers cannot pay for an event without first completing a registration form. No more wasted class time filling in registration forms. The updated website has also been optimization for search engines such as Google and Bing.

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