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Logo Design for Screen and Print

Logo design and branding for print and screen is much more challenging for graphic designers in today’s digital age. The explosion of the Internet, Apps and social media platforms has changed the way that brands and consumers engage with one another. Nevertheless a quality logo design should still distinguish a company or service from the competition and add value to a company, big or small. The company logo is now almost exclusively responsible for building trust and consistency throughout all customers touch points online (screen) and offline (print).

Graphic and logo designer in Windsor, Ontario

In the 90s, graphic designers were required to create two versions of a logo design, one in colour, and the other in black and white. The black and white version enabled a company to send a branded fax at a lower cost. The digital printing revolution of the past decade has significantly lowered the cost of full colour printing. Creating a logo in black and white is no longer essential for designers as the fax has been replaced by digital communication methods, such as email or Twitter and full colour printing is the norm.

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Digital communications and online environments have their own issues and considerations for graphic designers such as transparency, resolution (dpi), file type (.jpg), file size (kilobytes), and image size (width x height). Image and file size also affect all printed materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures. When a logo looks blurry on a website or printed flyer, the culprit is resolution, image or file size. Modern day graphic designers are required to understand the fundamentals of creating branding for screen and print environments.

When a professional graphic designer undertakes a logo design the finished logo design is optimized for all possible environments. The final artwork will include multiple file versions specifically designed to meet the demands of online and offline publishing. The client then, simply chooses the correct file version as required saving time and money on further costly adaptations.

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Furthermore experienced graphic designers create a logo using vector graphics so that the design can be scaled to any size imaginable. The designer uses colours selected from a pantone colour spectrum. Designers and printers use this spectrum to keep all colours exactly the same throughout all media publications on screen and in print.

Graphic design company in Windsor, Ontario

There are lots of cheap options available to companies when it comes to commissioning a logo design. However ‘you get what you pay for” and by hiring an experienced graphic designer. The completed design and corner stone for all branding will be crafted and ready for all environments. Line Media offers a variety of branding packages to suit all customer budgets.

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